Buddha V3 30mm Clone


Embrace the two post design, made famous by the Velocity. This opens up the build area to allow for large, artistic coils. The top airflow design has been updated to a slot style which angles the air directly to your coils, which allows for increased flavor.



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Features & Specifications :

  • Two post Design
  • Negative Post milled out of the deck
  • Flat head screws
  • 30mm wide
  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Long protruding copper positive pin
  • High temp PEEK positive insulator
  • New adjustable slotted top airflow
  • Side airflow has 21 1.5mm holes on each side and can be adjusted by turning the top to your liking
  • 3mm post holes
  • Includes black delrin drip tip, 13.2mm opening
  • Includes extra o-rings


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